Journalist Paul Anthony White penned a most beautiful, heart wrenching poem “Adieu, Dear Father” in 1957. Evoking a strong emotional rendering, this is a boy’s melancholy tribute. It is an attempt, if you will, at reconciling the vagaries of life with the loss of a father, he held so dear.

The Nassau Daily Tribune, SATURDAY 2nd November 1957

Paul Anthony White (professionally known as P. Anthony White) was born on 20th February 1940. This would have made him 17 years old in 1957 when he wrote this poem .

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White died on 26 November 2013 from complications following surgery. He was 73 years old.

Adieu, Dear Father

You heard the Master’s fervent call,  And laid your war tool down; 
You changed into your snowy robe,
And donned your golden crown.

I hope this is the way it was,
Or something likened thus;
For if it was, I gladly do,
Commend you to the dust.

As often as it may occur,
Death deals a stunning blow;
To all who has the sordid task,
Of grief to undergo.

Though nature forces me to mourn,
I’m glad your life is done;
No more you’ll have the tasks of war,
You’ve fought and you have won.

Sleep on dear father, take the rest,
You have so rightly earned:
And crave no more the spoils of war,
For which in life you yearned.

Through all the changing scenes of life,
The memory of you,
Will linger in my anguished heart;
Until we meet, adieu.

P. Anthony White
The Nassau Daily Tribune, SATURDAY 2nd November 1957