Love’s Last Dream was filmed in Nassau in 1922, during the great era of the silent movie. Talking movies, that is, movies with sound and spoken dialogue, weren’t invented until 1927.

BoBo del Monte was a silent movie actor. Come to think about it, BoBo del Monte was probably not his real name. It was probably a stage name, something unique to get himself noticed.

Next to nothing is known about him. What is known is that he was in Nassau in 1922, during the great fire at the Hotel Colonial, on 1st April 1922. Part of it was filmed and written into the movie Love’s Last Dream.

BoBo was also in The Bahamas in 1923. He had an office in Sands’ Studio

The Tribune Nassau 3rd FEBRUARY 1923

In 1923, he was busy building movie theatres on West Bay Street and Grant’s Town.

Love’s Last Dream – Plot

Love’s Last Dream is a story about a baby stolen during the Hotel Colonial fire in April 1922. The stolen baby is taken and raised by a coloured “mammy” who loves the child like her own. The child grows up into a beautiful woman, clothed in a leopard skin dress, by her coloured adopted “mammy”.

Scene filmed in Nassau

Hero, BoBo Del Monte, arrives on the scene and rescues the lost girl. Civilisation and her real parents await as the movie ends.

The Miami Herald, SUNDAY 13th AUGUST 1922
The Miami Herald, SUNDAY 13th AUGUST 1922

NASSAU 1923 – BoBo Del Monte Building Theatre in the West Bay Street and in Grant’s Town

It goes without saying that in 1923, theatres or movie houses were segregated. They would continue to be so for almost 50 years hence.

The Tribune, Nassau, 27th JANUARY 1923

BoBo Del Monte’s theatre on West Bay Street was to be named “The Opera House”. The theatre for Grant’s Town was called “The People’s Theatre”. Even the names given, back then, to places reflected either exclusive or common.

The Tribune, Nassau, 27th JANUARY 1923