Tandem Falls, at the Queen’s Staircase in Nassau, opened in March 1967. It was a spectacular multi-levelled constructed waterfall, highlighted by glittering lights at night, while cascading water flowed into an elaborately designed tropical garden at the bottom.

In 1967, Tandem Falls was intended to be Nassau’s newest ‘modern embracing the historic’ tourist attraction. Constructed next to the Queen’s Staircase, it was hoped that a new interest could be stirred in historical buildings and historical areas across Nassau.

Daily News, New York, SUNDAY 14 MAY 1967

Tandem Falls, along with the opening of the newly constructed Paradise Island Bridge, was part of an elaborate tourism project, started under the purview of Sir Stafford Sands and the Bahamas Development Board turned Ministry of Tourism.

The Nassau Guardian, THURSDAY 23rd MARCH 1967

As political fate would have it however, Sir Stafford and the United Bahamian Party, lost the January 1967 General Elections.

The Nassau Guardian, THURSDAY 23rd MARCH 1967

Tandem Falls and Paradise Island Bridge were officially opened by the Progressive Liberal Party.

Tandem Falls, Nassau’s latest attraction, was opened by Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, PLP Minister for Works on Tuesday 22nd March 1967.