Throughout history, for better or for worse, there have been many famous people, who possessed of little talent, somehow managed to become household names, just from their larger than life personalities. On such famous person was Herbert Buckingham Khaury, better known, as the entertainer Tiny Tim.

In December 1969, Tiny Tim and his new bride, Victoria May Budinger better known as Miss Vicky came to the Bahamas on their 17 day honeymoon. It was going to be a working honeymoon as Tiny Tim was scheduled to perform several nights at club in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

(The News Press, Friday, 19 December, 1969)

The King’s Inn, in Freeport where Tiny Tim and his new bride were staying, had prepared a special welcome cocktail for the couple.

The drink was called the Pink Plink. There was only two problems with this.

Tiny Tim was 34, and said he had given up alcohol after meeting Miss Vicky. There was probably a good reason for that, which leads into the other problem.

Miss Vicky was only 17 years old. She wasn’t old enough to legally drink in the United States. And she wasn’t old enough to legally drink in the Bahamas either in 1969.

(The Morning Call, Friday, 19 December, 1969)


Within the first several days of 1970, the international reviews of Tiny Tim’s shows in Freeport started to hit newspapers.

(The Los Angeles Times, Wednesday, 07 January 1970)