In 1976, the late Dr. Cleveland Eneas published his story entitled “Bain Town” which detailed, among other things, his family’s ancestry. Dr. Eneas published “Bain Town” just about a year before Alex Haley’s movie, “Roots,” took the world on an unforgettable transatlantic ocean ride through history.

The story of Briton Eneas, a twelve year old Yoruba boy, from Nigeria, kidnapped, and put onboard a slave ship bound for America forms the basis of the ancestral line of Dr. Cleveland Eneas’s family.

Briton Eneas was rescued from a slave ship by the British navy and brought to the nearest port, Nassau, along with hundreds of others around 1831. He was given the name Briton and his surname Eneas probably by those he was apprenticed to.

Briton Eneas, and his wife Amelia Butten Eneas had one son.

His one son had nine sons.

One of those nine sons, had a son, named Cleveland who became a prominent dentist in the Bahamas.

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