Don’t mess with a Bahamian woman, that’s all we can say. That is as universally known, as understanding where the moon is. Many a native man has felt his knees buckle, and courage fade under the death stare of a Where the heck you just coming from?” Bahamian wife.

When the wife of a pastor accused him of cheating with some ladies from his church, he found out just how scorned a Bahamian woman can be.

On Tuesday, 29th January 1946, the details of case being heard before the Circuit Court in Fort Lauderdale was so bizarre, that even the names couldn’t be printed, just to save public embarrassment of the innocent, if there were any innocents. A Bahamian couple, living in Fort Lauderdale found themselves in divorce court. The husband, a pastor had lost his congregation due to the antics of his wife. He finally decided to file for a permanent legal separation.

Forced to sleep in the bathroom, had to live in the woods, and cut with a beer bottle…

Fertiliser and flour in his dress clothes…

(The Fort Lauderdale Daily News, Tuesday January 29, 1946)
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