Since the 19th century, the Du Pont family has certainly been one of the richest families in America. When Marguerite du Pont Ortiz, a member of the wealthy clan, was on vacation at the Montague Hotel, in Nassau, in 1938, her ex-husband tried to kidnap their two daughters, Eve 6 and Zoe 3.

The father, Forrester Scott, a Philadelphia lawyer tried to abduct the children and fly them out of Nassau. They were arrested by Bahamas Police Major, Erskin Lindop.

The bold attempt resulted in the very first charges of attempted kidnapping ever filed in The Bahamas, in the ultra modern times of 1938.

Forrester Scott, the father, and pilot, Stanley Boynton were charged with kidnapping as well as charges of assaulting the children’s nurse, who was punched in the face during a fight over the children in the beach. Scott was also charged with bringing an unlicensed gun into the country.

Forrester Scott, the father, had been granted part-time custody of the two girls by a Philadelphia court. His ex-wife, Marguerite, it was alleged took the children across State lines into Delaware. It was after realising the children were no longer in Philadelphia that Scott obtained a warrant for her and the children’s return. Marguerite then left America for a vacation holiday on the beaches of Nassau.

The husband followed her, and attempted to kidnap his own children.

In doing so, they made Bahamian crime history.

(The Minnesota Star Tribune, Thursday 17 March 1938)