To this very day, according to St. Catherine’s College Cambridge’s website, there is an academic prize, established by a legacy bequest, on behalf of the earliest black student in the College’s history. That student was Bahamian, Alfred Francis Adderley.

A. F. Adderley enrolled as a student, at St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge, in 1912.

Alfred Francis Adderley CBE (16 November 1891–16 June 1953)
Photo credit: Bahamas Chronicle

A. F. Adderley remains an enigma in the modern Bahamian imagination and island history. His accomplishments in the law and legacy in Bahamian history affords Adderley consideration as nothing short of genius, who needs to be urgently reconsidered as an exemplar, and historical hero.

The Adderley Prize was established by Catherine’s College, Cambridge, following a bequest from Alfred Francis Adderley (16 November 1891–16 June 1953) and his son, Paul L. Adderley (15 August 1928 – 19 September 2012). It is given to recognise law students for outstanding performance in a University Tripos exam.

Courtesy of St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge.