The surname Forbes, like Rolle, and Bain are some of the more prevalent surnames in the Bahamas. They, like many others, were names of slave masters, adopted by slaves, after emancipation.

Alexander Forbes, apparently preferred to be called Alex.

Forbes had some 54 slaves on the island of Exuma in 1822. By any standard at the time, Forbes would have been considered wealthy slaveowner.

Of the 54 slaves, 15 were African and 39 were Creole (born outside of Africa, generation slaves. Born either in the Bahamas or purchased).

There were 28 MALES and 26 FEMALES.

53 Slaves were registered as Black.

1 slave Number 46: Margaret. Female. Age 11 was registered as Mulatto.

The oldest slave was Number 30: Hester. Female. Age 65. Black. Exuma AFRICAN

The youngest slave was Number 54: Mary. Female. Infant. Black. Exuma CREOLE

Three females were named Venus. Number 33, 34 and 53. Number 53 was a two-year old black female.

Some of the slaves registered to Alexander Forbes of Exuma were:

Number 5: Smart. Male. 36. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 10: Sampson. Male. 40. Black. Exuma. African.

Number 40: Sally Duncan. Female. 22. Black. Exuma. African. (Sally has two names. She was probably purchased from another slaveowner by the name of Duncan)

Number 19: Sancho. Male. 8. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 20: Hard Times. Male. 7. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 21: Dick. Male. 6. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 22: Bob. Male. 6. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 23: Good Luck. Male. 5. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 26: Waterloo. Male. 2. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 27: Julius. Male. 2. Black. Exuma. Creole.

Number 31: Colaslique. Female. 54. Black. Exuma. African.

Number 33: Ebo Venus. Female. 46. Black. Exuma. African.

Number 34: Bambaza Venus. Female. 46. Black. Exuma. African.