A little over one hundred years ago, one the most sought after natural resources in the Bahama Islands, were its extensive pine forests. From New Providence to Abaco to Grand Bahama, crown land was leased to private businesses and in many instances sold. Once the cutting and removal was completed, the land supposedly reverted back to the crown.  Of this, we have little way of knowing that this actually happened.

The forests of Abaco proved to be a veritable goldmine for the Bahamas-Cuban Lumber Co., who appeared to have a virtual monopoly on the cutting and shipping of pine wood. According to the letter by Fernley Rattray Rae of F. R. Rae & Co. dated August 14, 1925, the Bahamas-Cuban Lumber company held all the leases of the pine land on Abaco, Andros and Grand Bahama.


From the following letter dated August 15, 1925, F. R. Rae & Co. is trying to secure the sale of land on Harbour Island, possibly for someone also looking to get into the pine lumber business in the Bahamas.