There are some life stories just leave you amazed. Some stories remind what incredible contributions people across the globe have managed to make, in the world, in their time.

Religion has been part and parcel of Bahamian culture since forever. Before modern times, all of the various religious representatives in the islands came from abroad. They came in the form of missionaries, vicars, priests, nuns and the plethora of inspired do-gooders. The Bahamas welcomed them all. Soon though, the country began to invest in its own who sought the old time religion as their life’s work.

It is inspiring to see one native man having achieved so much, in so many spheres, both at home, and abroad.

Reverend James Archibald Edden (1911 – 1975) a Bahamian Episcopalian chaplain, church leader, soldier and holder of medals for bravery.

In 1960, a story appeared in the Chicago Sunday Tribune of February 7th. Father Edden had achieved another career high.

Dallas Vicar named Rector of Saint Thomas

“The Rev. James A. Edden, vicar of St. Phillips Episcopal church, Dallas will become rector of Saint Thomas Church 3801 Wabash Av.

Father Edden will assume his new duties February 15.

Born in Nassau, Bahama islands in 1911, Father Edden was ordained there in 1937 and served in two churches on the islands. His first assignment in the United States was as rector of a Brunswick, Ga., church from 1941 to 1943. He then entered the army as a chaplain and resigned in 1957 as lieutenant-colonel.

Serves in Italy

During World War Two Father Edden was chaplain of the 366th infantry regiment of the 92nd division in Italy. With occupation forces in Germany, he was in charge of congregations in Heidelberg, Stuttgart, and Heilbronn, and organised a mission to Karlsruhe.

During the Korean War, Father Edden was with the 24th infantry regiment and won two bronze stars for valour. He also holds eight other decorations.

Father Edden was graduated with a bachelor of divinity degree from Bishop Payne University, Petersburg, Va. He also has a diploma from Oxford University, England, and is a pharmacy graduate from the Bahamas General Hospital. He had some graduate work at Harvard University, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and the University of Florence Italy.

Heads Diocese Unit

While assigned to Dallas, Father Edden was chairman of the diocese urban and industrial commission, a member of the department of missions, and secretary of the armed forces commission.

Father Edden replaces the Rev. Harry A. Stirling, who has been serving as interim pastor.”

(Chicago Sunday Tribune February 7th, 1960)

Father James Archibald Edden, Lt. Col. (Ret.) James A Edden, died in Saturday December 6th, 1975, at the age of 64 at the McGuire Veterans Administration Hospital in Richmond, Virginia.

(The Pittsburgh Courier  December 20th, 1975)

In 1975, Father Edden, was survived by his widow Fannie Edden and his mother Mrs Beatrice T. Edden.

(The Index, Petersburg Virginia  Sunday December 7th, 1975)