Of the few hundred or so patents registered in the Bahamas, between 1889 to 1967, there are only a handful of patents registered to Bahamians or resident nationals in the Bahamas. Two or three are registered to visitors, who it appears came specifically to Nassau, while they applied for patents through local lawyers.

One thing we must bear mind. In 1889, there was no such thing as a worldwide patent. If an inventor wanted to protect their invention rights, in particular jurisdictions, like The Bahamas for example, then the inventor had to record their rights in that jurisdiction, by applying for a patent there.

One example of this is Guglielmo Marconi, 1st Marquis of Marconi. Marconi was an Italian inventor and electrical engineer, known for his pioneering work on long-distance radio transmission, development of Marconi’s law, and a radio telegraph system. His patent of 1908 for “Improvements in or relating to Wireless Telegraphy” was registered in the Bahamas in 1912.


1925 – George Reginald Benson Retired Army Officer of Shropshire, England at present of the Island of New Providence

“Improvements in or relating to the cutting of stone and or the like”

1927 – Joseph Woods an engineer of Nassau in the Island of New Providence one of the Bahama Islands.

“For the purpose of muffling or silencing the noise of explosion proceeding from internal combustion engines at each period of exhaust.

1937 – Norton Albury Turtle of the Island of New Providence, Bahamas. INVENTION FOR:

“Multiple pivoted rotating sashes.”

8th October 1937.

1942 – Matthew Marcus of New Providence, Bahamas.

“An invention for interweaving straw, sisal or any similar article or thing.”

27th of January 1942.

1944 – West India Chemicals Ltd. of Matthew Town, Inagua, Bahamas.

“An invention relating to method of treating salt to overcome or prevent the growth of Red Bacilius and to the resulting products.”

5th November 1944

1944 – Mathew Marcus City of Nassau Island of New Providence

“Method of Weaving and Plaiting Straw Braids of any other material.”

2nd October 1944

1947 – Oswald Mosley, Nassau, New Providence, Bahama Islands.

“Improvements in apparatus for Submarine Geophysical Prospecting.”

4th October 1947

1947 – Oswald Mosley Nassau, Providence, Bahama Islands.

“Improvements in or relating to Gravimeters.”

4th October 1947

1948 – Sir William Garthwaite, Bart., East Bay Street, Nassau.

“Invention in respect of capturing the wind and controlling it.”

17th September 1948

1948 – Vincent Richardson Perpall, of Three Bay Farms, Eleuthera.

“Pineapple Slicer”

13th September, 1948

1948 – Vincent Richardson Perpall, of Three Bay Farms, Eleuthera.

“Pineapple Corer”

26th September, 1948

1953 – Ewart Jack Penfold, of East Bay Street Nassau.

“Room air cooler, heater and dehumidifier.”

21st July 1953

1954 – Ewart Jack Penfold, Engineer.

“Ewart’s Box – a box open ended and unsealed, constructed of concrete or any other substance for varied construction purposes, mainly in Tidal Waters.”

13th April 1954

1956 – Mrs Marie Talbot, of the city of Nassau, New Providence.

“A souvenir container of liquid displaying miniature underwater scene in the Bahamas.”

27th January 1956.

1957 – Thomas Paul Harrington of the Western District of the island of New Providence, Company Director.

“Reconstituted fluid food products.”

17th April 1957

1962 – Curzon Dobell of the Eastern District, Island of New Providence, inventor.

“Method for the construction of concrete tanks.”

30th January 1962.

1963 – Curzon Dobell of the Eastern District, Island of New Providence

“Improved method of and apparatus for banding or reinforcing tanks and the like.”

30 January 1963

1963 – Melbourne Vincent Roberts of Montrose Avenue, in the Eastern District of the Island of New Providence.

“An improvement to valve stems of inflatable tubes.”

26th August, 1963

1964 – Derek Gordon Clancy of Fort Montague Beach Hotel, East Bay Street, c/o Messers Higgs and Johnson, Chambers, Sandringham House, Shirley Street, Nassau Bahamas.

“Improvements relating to structural members such as Beams and Girders”

26th May 1964

1965 – Frank Elliott of the city of Nassau, in the Island of New Providence. Executor

“Go 1 The Bahamas Game”

27th of March 1965

1965 – Argentum Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of the Bahama Islands, of World Banking Corporation Limited P. O. B 100 Nassau Bahamas.

“The Improvement of Flotation Recoveries of Lead – Silver and Copper – Silver Minerals.”

17th September 1965

1966 – Curzon Dobell Esq., Civil Engineer of Eastern District of New Providence P. O. Box 643, Nassau, Bahamas.

“Seaquarium Structure”

16th of June 1966

1967 – Norman Alfred Noyes, Builder, of Georgetown, Great Exuma, Bahama Island.

“Hollow concrete blocks and the Method of Constructing a Building with the same”

12th June, 1967