The Bahamas has had its share of foreigners over the centuries, that’s for sure. People from all over the world have come to settle by the white sandy beaches, and live under the strong sun of the islands. Some do this quietly, but some, well some, come to stamp their own unique brand of kookiness on the Bahamas.

Crazy Baldheads in Nassau

This 1961 story, of a Fascist, right-wing group formed in the Bahamas, and meeting every week in a Nassau hotel, reminds me of that famous Bob Marley song: Crazy Baldhead

“Them crazy, them crazy –

We gonna chase those crazy

Baldheads out of town;

Chase those crazy baldheads

Out of our town.

I and I build a cabin;

I and I plant the corn;

Didn’t my people before me

Slave for this country?

Now you look me with that scorn,

Then you eat up all my corn.

We gonna chase those crazy –

Chase them crazy –

Chase those crazy baldheads out of town!”


“They don’t shout “Heil Hitler” —not yet— But the ideas and political philosophy of a group of people who meet at a Nassau hotel once each week are filled with undertones of the Nazi scourge and glorify fascism as the ultimate in national attainment.

No swastika hangs on the wall of the meeting room, but there is talk of the triumph of the Master Race and of methods for promoting fascist doctrines in the Bahamas.

It has been reported that the group is now being actively financed by foreign interests anxious to promote an extreme right wing element throughout the Caribbean. The theory is that such an element would be an effective force in combating Communism — a theory which has been outdated for decades.

These are these “Nazis” now on the verge of organising their own underground party?

So far as we know, they are all foreigners. We do not know of a single Bahamian who has attended their meetings.

One of them is affiliated with a Nassau hotel.

Another is the wife of a respected executive of a foreign firm.

Several are international playboys; two are beatniks; one is a former airline in employee; another is a philanthropist.

At the meetings, they have expressed enthusiasm and support for the ultra Conservative John Birch Society, an American phenomenon considered by intelligent persons to be the ultimate in witch-hunting madness.

Most members of the group are so caught up in the Cold War mania that they see a “Commie” behind every tree. They now consider it their duty to protect the Bahamas from Communism and their answer is the promotion of fascism.

Hitler used the same method to “protect” the German people from what he turned the Jewish plague.

(The Nassau Herald, Saturday, June 17, 1961)