Foreign direct investment in the Bahamas has been happening throughout the islands, ever since Woodes Rogers became the first British appointed governor in 1718. A most  auspicious tropical setting, as well as, the close proximity to the United States has made the country a magnet for every variety of potential investor.  So when a young Swiss man, employed as a butcher at two local hotels, saw that there was a need for something new in the Bahamas, he seized on the opportunity.  The Bahamas got its first Swiss sausage factory.

The Sausage Factory of Oakes Field 1962



A young man from Switzerland, Erich Huber, may give Nassau its first home made sausages. He intends to set up a sausage factory at Oakes Field and produce enough sausages for the needs of the community here, with the prospect of later exporting to Jamaica and Miami.

Twenty-six year old Mr. Huber has leased property from an American company — Spebra Products Manufacturing Company Ltd.,– at Oakes Field and expects to have the equipment for the plant by August 28. The equipment is coming from Switzerland.

The venture is entirely a private one. Mr Huber has worked in Nassau since 1958 at the Emerald Beach Hotel and later at the British Colonial Hotel in the capacity of a butcher. He previously had 10 years experience in Switzerland producing sausages. Because of his success at making sausages at the hotels he has been persuaded by customers and friends to start his own business… and this is what Mr. Huber intends to do.


A lot of sausages are used in Nassau,” commented Mr. Huber, “but I hope to put something new on the market…. it will not be anything like the American sausage.”

Once the factory is in operation he hopes to produce between 500 and 1000 lbs of sausages a day, and be able to provide all the hotels, food stores and restaurants with their requirements. Some fo the sausages to be produced are frankfurter, smoked pork sausage and Bratwurst… a special veal sausage, besides the ordinary types of sausage. Later he intends to be able to put a 100 assorted varieties of sausage on the market.

All local labour will be employed in the factory and although all the meats for the sausage making have to come from the United States at present, it is hoped that possibly some meats may be able to be purchased from Eleuthera.

The Nassau Daily Tribune, Monday, July 30, 1962