On October 9, 1959, Orville Turnquest, a young lawyer, took his seat for the very first time as Acting Magistrate. It was a promising elevation for the young lawyer, who was about 29 years old, at the time.

Magistrates have a heavy burden. They are called upon to adjudicate all manner of criminal cases. The worst cases, undoubtedly, have to be ones that involve children. For new magistrates, in particular, all emotions must be put aside as they meet people who are very often at low and troubled points in their lives.

Turnquest, like the men, who congratulated him on that day – the Hon. Gerald Cash and lawyer Arthur D. Hanna – would go on to have remarkable legal and political careers.

But on 9th October 1959, newly appointed Magistrate Turnquest had to adjudicate, a very sad and shocking case.

The Nassau Daily Tribune, FRIDAY 9th OCTOBER 1959

New Magistrate Turnquest Must Adjudicate Sad Case of Pregnant 14 year old charged with abducting a baby in 1959

Crime and criminals come in many different forms. Irregardless of the act or who is accused, Magistrates can only act within the bounds of the law. In October 1959, new Magistrate Orville Turnquest was confronted with a sad and disturbing case.

The Nassau Daily Tribune, SATURDAY 10th OCTOBER 1959