Who was Samuel Minors, a Free Black Man, who died in 1799? With so much of Bahamian history, lacking in any real content on the lives of blacks, free and otherwise, we are left to speculate, until further information comes to light.

We know for sure that Samuel Minors had a wife or daughter named Judy Minors who was the administratrix of his estate.

To speculate a little on the life of Samuel Minors, a Free Black Man, of what appears to be a man of property, was that he may have come to the Bahamas as part of the wave of Loyalists and their slaves in 1783.

Samuel may have been the slave of one of either Loyalist slaveowners – Drover Minors, Thomas Minors, James Minors or Rose Minors.

Alternatively, Samuel Minors, may have been a Free Black Man already living in Nassau. As a Free Black, it appears he had some sort of property. How much or how little, we do not know.


ALL Persons having any Demands against the Estate of Samuel Minors, late of the Island of New Providence, Free Black Man, deceased, are desired to render in the same properly attested, and those anywise indebted to the said Estate, to make Payment to

Judy Minors, Administratrix

Nassau, March 22, 1799