The second obituary of Stephen Dillet makes no mention of the fact that he originally came from Saint Domingo (renamed Haiti) as a small boy. If we take the liberty of applying some simple math, we can deduce that we was born sometime in the year 1797, and arrived in the Bahama Islands at age 5 in 1802.



OBITUARY OF STEPHEN DILLET, FIRST COLOURED REPRESENTATIVE IN THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY, OCTOBER 1880, as it appeared in The Nassau Guardian and Bahama Islands Advocate and Intelligence



STEPHEN DILLET, Esq., after being bed-ridden for several months, made a peaceful exit from this would of trouble and anxiety on Tuesday night last in the 83rd year of his age. He was a native of Haiti but arrived here with his mother when a boy, an commenced a life of industry in Market street.


During the administration of Sir James Carmichael-Smith Mr. Dillet took an active part in the politics of he day and was a strenuous supporter of the noble minded Governor’s measures introduced into the Legislature at the dawn of Freedom, and also of the policy of the talented Sir William Colebrook. He represented the Town District of Nassau in the House of Assembly for many years and was appointed Dep. Adjunctant-General of the N.P. Militia by Governor Sir Francis Cockburn in 1837. Governor Mathew gave him the Post-mastership, which he held in conjunction with the Inspectorship of the Police. He was Justice of the Peace, and one of the Directors of the Public Bank.


Mr. Dillet was a gentleman of polished manners, and united with urbanity of a strict integrity. Painstaking and honourable in business transactions, whatever he undertook was done well, and he felt a pride in doing his duty.


Though a veteran Free Mason, masonic honors were dispensed with at the funeral which took place at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, and it was very numerously attended. His Honor the Administrator and most of the Officials were present. The body, after being taken to the Cathedral was interred in a vault at Potter’s Field Cemetery. Miss Dillet (whose unremitting attention to her father is worthy of imitation), attended a chief mourner.